Monday, 7 May 2012

Matthew Goodwin promotes Breiviks

Matthew Goodwin makes a fatal mistake of allowing his bookish approach to interfere with real thinking. The cracks in the European edifice are becoming bigger and wider and this is bound to have an effect in British politics too, as the so Establishment is walking into a trap of its own making.

Mr. Goodwin writing for The Guardian says "Nick Griffin comes out of the local elections facing the fact that his attempted strategy of BNP 'modernisation' lies in ruins". A bit like the citizens of Troy that celebrated the arrival of a White Horse as a gift, the University academic is failing to see what is happening in Britain, let alone what is happening in Europe.

Elections won using mass media manipulation and rumour will haunt the authors as promise after promise is not delivered and when that happens in the middle of a three-fold recession the pillars of the present political status quo will crumble leading to people exchanging ballots for guns.

We are only one step away from political assassinations. We should never underestimate the potential for violence created by politicians that are increasingly detached from the Electorate.

By attacking genuine political parties, people like Matthew Goodwin are promoting Breiviks.

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