Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ken's advisers cost him the election

It was self-evident that being a tight call the election was going to be decided on second preferences. Because of tribal politics Ken Livingstone lost the election but I don't think for a minute that avoiding debates with the British National Party or rejecting second preference votes was entirely Ken's decision. Ken has been known for surrounding himself with advisers that have not had Ken's best interests at heart.

60,000 or so votes were not much of a difference and, by avoidingn the British National Party, Ken experienced what in his departure speech Ken called his saddest defeat. Having George Galloway as his closest ally did not help Ken either and led to people like Lord Sugar, of Jewish ancestry, calling for a vote against Ken Livingstone. Thanks to the Islam factor, many Labour voters might have decided to vote for Boris Johnson or merely abstain rather than voting for somebody that clearly identifies himself with Islam for Europe and Hamas and for many Labour supporters what happened in Bradford drew a line on the sand.

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