Thursday, 17 May 2012

Local Councillor justifies depravity against children

The fact that a local Councillor justified sexual grooming of children does not surprise me. After all, I am a realist and I see what is happening in Britain. Having said that, we all saw what happened in Norway and elsewhere and I am aware of the potential consequences. Justifying things that cannot possibly be justified will promote hatred between communities.

Some people already say that Islam = Terrorism. Others say that Islam = Paedophilia. Such perceptions were created by Lib Lab Con. In order to counter such perceptions, crime must be tackled, culprits must be arrested, put on trial and convicted.

If Police do not investigate and arrest the culprits because Police officers are afraid of being accused of racism, then vigilantes will appear. Politicians that justify depravity might themselves become targets of violent attacks. Political correctness will eventually lead to a massacre.

Simon Darby reminds us of the realities of today's Britain and it is up to us to ponder and decide what must be done about the said realities.

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