Sunday, 20 May 2012

Comedy Carlos: Tragedy Britain

The usual writers of the Daily Mail called me Comedy Carlos. Well, for what I know I might be Comedy Carlos in a country that is going to be known as Tragedy Britain. And there you are having two words of Ancient Greece because there is going to be a Greek Tragedy in Britain.

Talking about Ken’s taxes mentally retarded journalism forgot about the reality and reality is that life is going to be extremely difficult for millions of families across London, many of which are being thrown out even by unscrupulous landlords that are looking to make a killing of Olympic proportions.

Boris is not going to deliver 200,000 new homes no more than the Labour Party in government could deliver 30,000 new homes a year at a time of financial bonanza and I also said that Boris Johnson is not going to deliver better Police services because either Boris Johnson is lying or 35,000 Police officers are lying by marching across London and protesting about job cuts and budget cuts.

The gentlemen of the politically correct mass media have an IQ of 10 if they believe and try and make us believe that what was said by the so called mainstream political countries has any root in reality.

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