Friday, 18 May 2012

Baroness Warsi: Some Pakistani men believe white girls are fair game

Baroness Warsi: Some Pakistani men believe that white girls are fair game
In  an Interview with the Evening Standard, owned by Alexander Lebedev, one of the main donours to the political campaign of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Baroness Warsi of the Conservative Party said that some Pakistani men believe that white girls are fair game and that they see women not only as second class citizens but even as third class citizens.

Rest assured that given her condition, Baroness Warsi was not immediately classified as racist and xenophobe, unlike most of those who do not happen to be Muslim and are immediately rubbished by the Evening Standard and other disreputable members of the National Union of Journalists every time they raised the issue saying that an undetermined number of white girls (and even boys) were been used and abused by members of the Muslim Community that live double lives.

They go to the Mosques and pray to Allah and afterwards engage in the most abhorrent sexual practices involving children.

I reckon the Evening Standard has more than one case to answer because rather than playing its role and denouncing abuse has spent much of its time and resources trying to cover up what is happening in many communities across the country, hiding the messages and shooting the messengers.
The right hand-man of President Vladimir Putin, that also owns The Independent should take a greater interest to see what journalists he pays for are actually doing. In a recent case involving Ruppert Murdoch, the former star of British politics, Mr. Murdoch claimed that he did not know what was actually happening under his own nose. I am sure that Alexander Lebedev knows exactly what his journalists are doing and what is happening in Britain and happening in Chechnya should ring a few bells.
This is no time for idiotic excuses, as what happened in Norway and in France a few weeks ago should act as a reminder of the dangers ahead. We cannot ignore what is going on and the mass media should be told that their role is not only to report massacres but to behave in a way that we can avoid massacres.

There are quite a few angry people across the land, able and willing to engage in reprisals. Only by arresting, putting on trial and convicting the culprits of what has become an endemic problem in many British cities we will be able to avoid a catastrophe.  

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