Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Real cost of being in the European Union

The week comes to an end with the news of a series of industrial actions with people complaining about pensions and budget cuts and this is most extraordinary in a country in which - according to the mass media - it is a good thing to be part of the European Union.

What many Pro-European Union individuals fail to understand is that we are in the mess we are in because we keep spending monies that we don't have merely to defend an untenable ideological stance.

Defending an untenable ideological stance, we are taking enormous risks and the boundaries between justifiable idealism and sheer stupidity are blurred. What is even more dangerous is the fact that more than half the population of Britain is ready and willing to give up the democratic right to have a say.

Democracy that should be based on elections and ballots is now being played on the streets with rallies and demonstrations and still the vast majority of the people in this country are merely spectators.

In recent local elections, turnout outside London was on average 32 per cent and in London it was 38 per cent and this at a time when the country is about to be paralized by industrial actions.

Workers in this country blame the Coalition when in fact they have only themselves to blame for supporting an impossible idea that is bankrupting Britain and dividing the country.

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