Wednesday, 16 May 2012

British Police pay the price of political stupidity

For many years, since I joined the British National Party I have witnessed the attitudes of many Police officers towards the British National Party and especially when members of the BNP went out leafleting and canvassing and doing what is expected from any member of a legal political party.

From time to time, we had to deal with blatantly ignorant Police officers that tried to enforce laws and regulations that did not even exist, a creation of the febrile minds of their commanding officers that are eager to please their political masters.

Police forces have allowed themselves to be used to harass and persecute political representatives.

Now, we see tens of thousands Police officers marching across London, complaining about the way they are treated by their political masters that after asking them to do their dirty work are now throwing them into the streets or cutting down wages.

They remind me of a certain journalist working for a local newspaper that after writing all kinds of poisonous articles about the British National Party ended up losing his job and being rewarded for many years of political prostitution.

There has already been a twenty per cent reduction of Police budgets and there are more to come as a direct consequence of the debacle in Europe.

I reckon the Police force will be even happier when duly trained Police officers are replaced by thousands of Community Police volunteers.

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