Monday, 7 May 2012

Aus-Politik based on the fiskalpakt is in danger

As national interest takes precedence, changes will occur. Deutsche Aus-Politik based on  fiskalpakt will face even greater obstacles. Suddenly, what used to be the concern of Politische Parteien becomes the coordinated action of Politische Bewegungen across Europe acting in self-defense. Merkel's fiskalpakt is viable as long as countries like France and Greece adhere to it. If the fiskalpakt falls so does the political platform of the German Chancellor and if German confidence falls, the rest of the edifice collapses because it is entirely based on German debt.

For the next five years France will have a Socialist President but political changes in Parliament will still determine who will be Prime Minister. It is interesting to consider that in spite of the fact that the President appoints the next Prime Minister the President himself cannot dismiss the Prime Minister and that only with the agreement of the Prime Minister can the President name the other members of the Cabinet.

Changes in the French political environment could lead to a Socialist President having to deal with a Conservative Prime Minister. The reverse already happened. Knowing how each political system works can give you an idea of the range of posibilities.

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