Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Breivik Factor

The Breivik Factor

I am sure that Anders Breivik was the natural consequence of taking people for granted. When Commons Speaker John Bercow manifests his concerns about voter apathy, he is right when he states that many people are "suspicious or even despairing" about the political system.

We cannot ignore the fact that in elections that took place outside London the average turnout was 32 per cent and London’s 38 per cent turnout is not reassuring when it comes to the state of democracy in Britain.

Talking to journalists at City Hall, I said that in Britain there is the potential for copycats of Anders Breivik because people are walking away from elections and politicians and mass media are treating people with contempt while the same politicians and mass media criticize trade unions that go on strike with less than 50 per cent of trade union members support. The contradictions are self-evident but equally dangerous.

What is more, despite John Bercow’s concerns, I reckon that the political establishment and the mass media actually don’t care about how many people come out and vote because their agenda is to give European bureaucrats even more powers than the powers they already have to implement laws and regulations without any democratic legitimacy.

More and more people believe that direct action rather than democratic elections are the only way to counter what they don’t like. By trying to destroy democratic organizations, the Establishment is creating the environment that could ultimately produce new Breiviks.

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