Sunday, 29 December 2013

What did Goebbels, Eichmann and Mengele have in common? Dark eyes. Dark hair and Dark complexion

For decades after the fall of the Dritte Reich, our intelligence has been insulted with myths about Germany and what it meant to be German. The typical description of tall, light skinned and light eyed individuals with a propensity for violence depicted by the mass media has been no less of a fabrication than the dreams of an Aryan Race.

What is even more ridiculous is that some key players in the construction of the Reich that was going to  last a thousand years were themselves far different from the images the propaganda makers during and after the war tried to make us accept as the rule of what it meant to be Germanic.

Joseph Goebbels
Adolf Eichmann
Josef Mengele

The three men were said to be the archetypical image of those involved in positions of authority and highly recognized by the regime that ruled Germany between 1933 and 1945.

Dark hair, dark eyes, and dark complexion. The latter (Josef Mengele) even carried out experiments injecting blue dyes into the eyes of children to see if eye color could be changed by other means rather than inheritance.

The second one (Adolf Eichmann) was harassed as a school child because he didn't look the part of what people expected him to be. He used to be chased around the classroom by fellow pupils that called him: Jude, Jude (Jew, Jew)

So much for the stereotypes promoted today about what it meant to be German or Germanic, stereotypes that are fundamentally based on ignorance and over-generalizations.

Those who try and build political ideologies based on racial characteristics are very far off the mark and bound to make the same mistaken assumptions made many decades ago.

The one thing that united the three men aforementioned and the rest of Germany was their relationship with a political regime that for a while ruled much of Western Europe and beyond.

For those of us who honestly want to protect British Identity, shared ideas and shared principles are what matters most in terms of a National Identity. Multiculturalism is divisive, discriminatory and has nothing to do with building communities that can live in peace.

What we see today in Britain is the construction of ghettos leading to a cycle of suspicion, fear and confrontation in a country that is being colonized with flood immigration.


  1. What a crappy article. Which is your opinion and which is propaganda?
    You put your mug shot at the top. I think you are a crypto Jew.
    Anyway, you are a TWAT!

  2. If you believe the myth of the wholly blond and blue eyed Aryan then you are extremely naïve because even those who tried to propagate the myth did not fit in.