Thursday, 1 March 2012

Will Vigilantes and Crowd Action be the only option?

A few days ago we witnessed the actions of groups of ordinary people that fed up with the system that allows rapists to get away with murder decided to take matters into their own hands. Will this be the rule rather than the exception?

If the political authorities and if the Law and the Police are not able to put an end to the state of chaos that reigns in Britain, we might see a trend towards vigilante activities to curb crime in the United Kingdom. This is called anarchy and anarchy will be the consequence of decades of political correctness leading to all kinds of injustices.

In countries like Brazil rising cost of basic items had led to crowds descending into supermarkets like a cloud of locusts and emptying shops in just a few minutes because the costs of food items has gone through the roof. When they cannot afford to eat, they just take whatever they want without paying. Looking at the nonsensical rise of supermarket prices this could well become a reality in the not so distant future.

The realities of the Third World have arrived in Britain and are here to stay because we have a political class that keeps looking at their navels without taking seriously what is happening on the ground and in front of their own noses.

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