Saturday, 24 March 2012

Solutions against drugs must be drastic

In the United Kingdom drug trafficking and drug consumption have become endemic and this comes at a time when, in less than seven days, we see British citizens allegedly involved in drug trafficking.

In Argentina, a prominent British academic was arrested and faces the reality of many years in an Argentine jail.

In Peru, three Britons and three Italians are among 27 suspects arrested after a huge amount of cocaine and ecstasy was seized.

Police in Peru paraded the drugs before the media and the Peruvian National Police Director Raul Salazar indicated that tons of drugs were seized in Police operations this month.

Between January and March, according to Peruvian authorities, 3,013 people were arrested, 653 were detained for trafficking, 351 for selling small amounts and 2009 for using drugs.
Peru is not alone. There are reports that indicate that the building industry boom occurring across some Latin American countries including Uruguay and Chile has been the result of money laundering operations.

Production, distribution and consumption must be attacked simultaneously with drastic measures.

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