Wednesday, 21 March 2012

British Mass Media Electoral Hypocrisy

By the end of the month, the list of Mayoral Candidates will be published and this might be one of the few occasions when the mass media in Britain will give equal opportunities to all candidates to be heard.

Before that and after that, an effective blackout will be implemented so that only a few of the total number of Mayoral candidates will actually have the opportunity to talk and to be seen.

Democracy in Britain is being manipulated by the mass media and we end up with a non-democratic election. Not long ago during a by-Election in Feltham, both the BBC and SKY television ran a blackout operation.

The British National Party Prospective Candidate for Parliament was approached but was not given the opportunity to talk. No, this is not something happening in Syria or Iran. This is happening in Britain.

We are somehow used to this. This is the way elections are run in the United Kingdom with the public being prevented from having access to Candidates that the mass media do not like or do not consider ‘important enough’.

By the way, these are the same mass media that criticize the way elections are run in the Russian Federation. The attitudes of the British mass media are an example of hypocrisy of the worst kind.     

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