Sunday, 25 March 2012

The biological ticking clocks of the Left

Our opponents are so desperate that they try to measure us by their own standards. This came about when a certain individual of a website dedicated to promote violence and hatred called me a Swinger and a Sex Pest. Obviously the pedophile supporters and promoters of "alternative arrangements" of the left don’t want to feel lonely and try to define us according to their own sexual preferences.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Swinger and the Sex Pest only exist in the febrile imagination of those who wonder around sex shops in Soho pretending to be doing research or perhaps feel inclined to reject the family as an institution in favour of wife swapping parties Lambeth Labour Party style (references made by Ken Livingstone in his memoirs, so the source can be trusted in these matters).

By the way, we don’t have ticking biological clock supporters either but I am sure that anybody wanting to know about it can also ask Ken Livingstone who is the confessed expert in these matters and speaks about it in his memoirs. I am sure that reading Ken Livingstone’s memoirs will be very educational for some segments of the Left.

Once again, don’t try to measure us according to your standards. We are the real Hope for Britain. Our accusers are just the scum that erodes the foundations of Britain.

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