Sunday, 18 March 2012

Health and Safety Tax?

Why is it that the more I hear about Health and Safety the less healthy and safe I feel? This is the sinking feeling that companies across the country are facing when we get news about a new system of inspections costing £256 an hour that is about to be implemented.

The charges will be levied by the so called Health and Safety Inspectorate that is going to impose the charges to tell companies what they are doing wrong. So if ladders are ‘too wobbly’ or your office carpets are a ‘trip hazard’, open your pockets.

If a company receives a letter informing about rule infringements – on top of the £256 an hour – a bill will be issued for £750. The more so called ‘infringements’ are registered, the more money the H.S.I. will get.

If they don’t get you with Income Tax, Business Rates, Insurance Premiums and Maintenance costs – adding to it the cost of utility bills – they will certainly squeeze companies even more and all of this before you start wondering who the so called ‘inspectors’ will be.

Given the number of companies operating in the United Kingdom one can only imagine that the required expertise will be in short supply and this could end up being yet another ‘traffic warden’ style solution.

This is something that could even become a nightmare for the staunchest supporter of political correctness and I am sure that solicitors and barristers must be waiting with expectation for the coming ‘hunting season’.

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