Saturday, 31 March 2012

In true Rudyard Kipling style, the Nationalist struggle continues

As a matter of fact, I will continue to apply the same fairness criteria that I apply across British National Party websites regarding other nationalist websites. I couldn’t fail to notice that several political parties did not register Mayoral Candidates despite the fact that for many months after our electoral losses in East London they were identified and they identified themselves as rising stars or alternatives to the British National Party.

After the BBC Panorama programme that wrote the epitaph of the British National Party with the inclusion of seemingly knowledgeable former members of the British National Party some of whom later joined other political parties, the World seemed to be coming to an end.
Those of us who persevered, who did not succumb to the brainwashing operations of our opponents, are here to tell you that the British National Party has registered a Mayoral Candidate, Candidates for the London-wide list and Candidates for several London constituencies and that we are very much alive. Perhaps we should invite the British Broadcasting Corporation to make a new edition of Panorama entitled ‘The British National Party Phoenix.’

The Falklands Veteran that never was, the Argentine volunteer that never was, the so called Swinger and Sex Pest that never was, Carlos of the British National Party tells you all that We have a Dream, that We Shall Overcome, that You are not alone and that We are here to stay. We are Marching In. As Rudyard Kipling tells us, despite triumphs and defeats, we must keep fighting.

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