Thursday, 1 March 2012

Drug Gangs Rule Britain

Britain has been taken over by drug gangs that have transformed it into a wasteland and the politically correct elites that created the problem are very much responsible and must be made accountable for it. As soon you mention the one and only solution they raise their hands in horror to protect criminals. As the expression goes, those who protect criminals are criminals and should be treated as criminals. Having seen the true nature of many of the so called Members of Parliament describing them as criminals seems and looks exactly like the right thing to do.
Thanks to a slip of the tongue Prime Minister David Cameron spoke the truth when he said that there is not only an economic recession but also a social recession and social recession it is when even Police forces and the Legal System are corrupted by the scourge they are supposed to fight against. We know who they are, we know where they live and we know what they do. Gangs should have been wiped out in true Elizabethan fashion a long time ago. No Human Rights rubbish, no Legal Aid crap! Wiped them out! Eradicate the infection of drugs once and for ever. There must be no quarter and no mercy for those who don’t give a damn about the lives of others and continue to poison the country.
They say that world population has increased and has now reached 7 billion people. Well, getting rid of drug traffickers for good might even be beneficial for the environment and help Save the Planet. The money spent keeping criminals alive could then be invested in health, education, transport, housing and other basic necessities of law abiding citizens.

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