Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Al-Qaeda Algerian Nazi? Ooops!

So the Evening Standard was wrong: No Nazi. Mohammed Merah, French National of Algerian origin.
After the bloodshed that left seven people dead, including three young children, at a Jewish School, the Evening Standard proclaimed that the murderer was a Nazi that posed dressed as a soldier.

Poor Evening Standard, or whoever jumped on the usual bandwagon, because he or she got it absolutely wrong. The murderer was a French national of Algerian origin and his name is Mohammed Merah. Ooops! The aim of the attack was reportedly ‘to avenge Palestinian children’.

Good reporting does not mean to get the news first. Good reporting means to get the news right and the Evening Standard got it absolutely wrong by playing the usual tune and rest assured the R word (Racist) was immediately used.

Even the French President Nicholas Sarkozy jumped on the same bandwagon and this says a lot about the French intelligence services that allowed the French President to embarrass himself by producing such a gaffe.
Mohammed Merah was known to Police and this sounds very much like a repeat of July 5th 2005 in London when Islamic terrorists known to Police were free to carry out the atrocities that left more than 50 people dead.

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