Tuesday, 13 March 2012

If a horse could talk...

The investigation about phone and computer hacking and many other ings continues and in one of the latest developments a horse has thrown the British Prime Minister David Cameron into deep waters. The issue is about Who Rode Who - and I am not talking about the horse that after all, despite being a magnificent animal, cannot talk nor have any kind of political influence.

Evidently, we are not suggesting for a minute any kind of Clintonian implication. What we are talking about is the issue of who held the reins (not the reins of the horse, but the political reins). In spite of the fact that all fingers have been pointed at Ruppert Murdoch, one shall assume that Ruppert Murdoch would be hardly in a position to ride anything, let alone a horse.

The complexity of a business empire linked to high flying politicians leads me to the belief that the poor horse is absolutely innocent.

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