Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rowan Williams falls on his own Sword

The greatest tragedy for the Church of England has been to try and please everybody to go along with the rules of political correctness. The coin of political correctness belongs to Caesar and this is something the Church authorities should always remember: Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give God what belongs to God.

It is not the role of the Church to widen the path to God but to spread the word so that more and more people choose the narrow path, the difficult path, to God. This was the choice offered by Jesus. Accepting Sin into the practices of the Church for the sake of political correctness, Rowan Williams divided the Church and falsified the true mission of the Church on Earth and Sin defeated him and is now threatening to destroy the Church of England.

By being politically correct, Rowan Williams played into the hands of the enemies of Christ. He even campaigned for other faiths - namely Islam - speaking about the acceptability of Sharia Law in Britain thus abdicating from his fundamental role as a Christian. 

Jesus gives us a choice: you can continue living in your own way if that is what you choose to do or you can choose the narrow path to God.

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