Monday, 16 January 2012

The Unifying Power of the Truth Truck

After the state persecution of two men and their families in South London with what some people are calling a fit-up show trial and further destruction of a fair legal system. The indigenous people of that part of South London were lifted by the presence of the Truth Truck last Saturday.

The Truth Truck visited Eltham and found the Socialist Party on the high st trying to exploit and brainwash the locals even further by making them feel personally responsible for the events of nearly 20 years ago. We arrived just in time to lift our people and toured the surrounding high streets. The reception we received was fantastic the word spread and my phone has been very busy with callers, members and ex activists that have been disillusioned thanking us for coming south of the river.

There is a battle looming for London. Lets hope us Londoners can all muster in time and forget personalities.
Steve squire
London organiser

I hope you enjoy the photos of us on the Woolwich ferry heading home to the north shore.

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