Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Britain gives foreign aid to China, India and Brazil?

I have always believed that Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, was not a writer of fictional stories. The way Britain is run by Lib Lab Con looks very much like a story of Alice in Wonderland. Here is Alice looking at Britain's economy. 

Brazil has just overtaken the British economy and India and China are not the kind of countries that you could describe as 'desperately in need of foreign aid'.

This does not seem to worry Lib Lab Con and Britain is still providing financial aid to India, China and Brazil. The usual idiots will tell you that the aid is justified 'because there are millions of people in China, in India and in Brazil struggling and with no access to basic shelter, healthcare, education and clean water.'
China, India and Brazil have more than enough money to feed themselves and everybody else. As a matter of fact, China was said to be about to provide financial aid to a struggling European Union as a way to save the EURO. The British government has been seen courting Chinese investors.

China is America's biggest creditor. Brazil has not only left Britain behind. Brazilian industries are competing with America and Brazil is one of the main weapons producer and exporter. India has been extremely busy in recent years building a nuclear weapons arsenal and posing as an economic giant rivalling China.

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