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Political Crossroads and Procrastination

Political Crossroads and Procrastination

Bob Bailey told me that perhaps I have been too blunt when making certain comments. I am not blunt or tyrannical. I am just a pragmatist and a realist. The activists that offer their blood, sweat, tears and toil are the only ones I care about. The following comments are not blunt or tyrannical. They are just a depiction of reality. Bob Bailey is an old warrior, a veteran of many battles, and despite his crusader nature he is extremely warm-hearted. Having said that, such warm-hearted approach did not stop him from fending off some Asian camels and I only wish I had been at his side when he dealt with the said animals. After saying this, I go back to the subject matter of this article.

For many, a political crossroads is the best excuse for procrastination. Some can be discontent or disenfranchised but forgetting why we are here is a capital crime punishable with oblivion. You get up in the morning and walk around. A few minutes later, everything comes to you and you suddenly realize that there is nothing you can do about to change a very sad state of affairs.

I reckon that most of us or all of us go through this kind of experience but some of us get into some sort of inner world and we forget that alone we are nothing or close to nothing. I read publications, websites and blogs and I very often come to the conclusion that they are a special world, a world in which many forget that the Internet is just a means to an end but does not replace the real world. It is a bit like a computer game. You can win a computer game but winning a computer game is just mere entertainment and escapism. At the end, you shut down the computer or do reset and start again but nothing really substantial has happened that could solve your real problems.
Walking down the streets of London, delivering leaflets, canvassing and manning some stand you see the real people passing by. You talk to a few of them but the vast majority are the silent majority, the ones that you might never see and that, at the end of the day, will decide elections. You walk into the counting hall and look around the tables where ballots are being counted. At this point you know that it is absolutely useless to speculate about why people voted for this or for that.

Nobody has a crystal ball and the analysis that some make after an election is equally useless because it is merely an excuse to start a blame-game. There is a queue of people waiting to blame somebody else but they mostly seem to be the ones that did absolutely nothing to help win an election.

I could name them right here but I am sure I wouldn’t have the time to name them all and it would be an equally useless exercise. I prefer to use whatever energies I have left to start all over and this is exactly what true Nationalists do. They lick their wounds and start all over. They don’t wait for the useless critics to tell them what to do. The critics say things like ‘oh, we did very poorly’ or ‘we are falling apart’. I never saw their bottoms walking down the streets and helping in the common effort. No, they just sit down and right and talk poison that makes them feel important when they don’t really matter at all. They might organize some irrelevant propaganda display and post their pictures in Internet to make people believe that they are doing something when in fact they are doing absolutely nothing.
Is this blunt enough or tyrannical enough? I know that I don’t need to continue any further because I have already given you the full image of what being an active member of a political party is about. You deal with lies and fabrication; you deal with the sheer laziness and cowardice of the so called critics; you deal with organized attempts to stop you from campaigning. You keep going. You keep doing what you are doing for true Nationalism because you know that if you don’t do it nobody else will.

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