Friday, 20 January 2012

Hundreds of thousands of migrants claiming unemployment benefits

The news is: More than 370,000 migrants who were admitted to Britain to work, study or go on holiday are now claiming out-of-work benefits, according to official figures compiled for the first time.

Are they more than 370,000? 400,000? 500,000? 1,000,000? How many? Well, in fact the words ‘more than’ simply reflect the fact that we have no way of knowing how many.

Another important fact is: “official figures compiled for the first time.” So, before these figures, there were no records whatsoever that could even tell us that they were ‘more than’.

The migrants, who can claim unemployment, housing and incapacity benefit, are costing taxpayers billions of pounds a year. In other countries, many would have had to return home after their visas expired or their employment ended.

We collect undesirables from the rest of the world, including terrorists, rapists, fraudsters, muggers, murderers, drug-traffickers et cetera et cetera and we call it Multiculturalism. This is the kind of ‘improvement’ that the BBC so much talks about. Aren’t you happy to have the scum of Earth coming to Britain in such big numbers?

By the way, before you even think about eating that kebab, think that you could even become a cannibal and all thanks to Multiculturalism.

Talking about Multiculturalism, you will certainly rejoice learning that… oh surprise… knife crime and killings are on the rise. National Police figures are reported to indicate that in the twelve months to September 2011 there were been 15,300 robberies with knives and 636 killings in the twelve months before March 2011 and that half of all incidents that occurred in England and Wales actually took place in London.

I am sure we should include these bits of information as part of the advertising campaign for the Olympic Games.

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  1. I am an Aussie and I am really disgusted with what has happened to our Motherland, Britain. I know you have been suffering under those traitors Blair and Brown for many years but I doubt that the Conservatives are much better. Unfortunately we here in Australia are going thru the same thing. The weak link is the Labor party but the conservatives, i.e. the Coalition, are nearly as bad. I hope all true Brits will wake up to the dire situation that your country is in and get behind the BNP. Cheers.