Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fraud and Multiculturalism are linked

Fraud and Multiculturalism are linked in the most insidious way, including false declarations of expenses, subletting of social housing property, nepotism and many other examples of wrongdoing.

If you try and denounce the wrongs in society, you risk being called racist when it is plainly obvious that crime, whatever the skin colour of the culprit, is crime and must be denounced and fought against. When the forces of order are themselves involved in crime and the justice system is marred in confusion and corruption the consequences are dire.

As editor, I see more and more replies of people who are ready and willing to take the law into their own hands to get rid of the putrid elements that feed themselves taking advantage of the present state of social disintegration.

Listening to a well-known radio presenter, I reflected on the wisdom of his words when speaking about squatters he said “if my home is occupied by squatters, I will not call the Police. I will call some of my friends.” You don’t need to know the rest of the quote because I am sure you can guess what follows.

During recent riots in the United Kingdom, ordinary citizens were left to fend for themselves because the Police forces who should have dealt with the situation were absolutely incompetent. What is more, the legal system failed, failed and failed again to deliver Justice and the criminals walked away.

Vincent Cable has been writing about extorting more money from those who happen to have expensive properties. There is nothing new under the Sun. This is the same Marxist Doctrine that pretends that all the ills of society are due to material distribution and fails to see that most of the ills of society are due to dishonesty, fraud and indolence.

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