Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Julie Davies - non-teaching teacher - earns more than 300,000 Pound

Julie Davies doesn’t teach since 2000 but since then she has received from Haringey Council between 35,000 and 45,000 Pound a year as English Teacher at Northumberland Park Community School.
56-year-old Julie Davies is said to be among hundreds of public sector staff across Britain that get paid not to work.

While ten of thousands of public workers - many of them affiliated to the Labour Party - are losing their jobs, Julie “Leech” Davies is yet another example of the stench of legalized corruption that is destroying Britain.

Ms Davies – oh surprise – is opposed to reforms promoted by the Coalition government. She denied that she is a ‘pilgrim’ (term used to designate a union official paid from the public purse). Sorry, Julie; you are a pilgrim and because of pilgrims like you countless others are losing their jobs.

You know, this is the irony. Julie is supposed to help those who have been unfairly affected. In fact, when budget cuts are implemented, people like Julie survive while those she is supposed to ‘help’ are the ones being thrown out because there is no money in the budget.

As a former high-school teacher, I say that this is a scandal and that whatever payments made to Julie Davies as Union Representative should come from the National Union of Teachers and not from the public budget that should be invested in proper education.

This is yet another example of how thanks to legislation implemented purely for political purposes the general public is being robbed. The Trade Unions are being fed big chunks of public money with the excuse of ‘trade union education and development’ and the said monies are re-directed into the coffers of the Labour Party. If this wasn’t enough, cash-strapped local authorities across the country are being milked by private individuals.

At present, there is the prospect of political parties being publicly funded by taxpayers. There is the possibility of getting rid of certain anomalies and of breaking the link with the Trade Unions.
Trade Unions are not different from lobbyists of private companies, quangoes and vested interests because the Trade Unions represent vested interests. It is absurd to be financing Trade Unions with public monies that should be invested in Education.

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