Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fragmentation and Loss of Sovereignty

Is it Copyright infringement or Sovereignty infringement?

The fact that British citizens are being extradited to foreign countries accused of having committed crimes that are not considered to be crimes in Britain is a scandal. You might be wondering why this is happening. Well, it is happening because a man called Tony Blair, acting as Prime Minister, gave away the rights of Britain citizens and put the lives of every single British citizen in the hands of a foreign government.

This was implemented by signing an agreement that says that America has the right to request and be awarded the extradition of British citizens. We call ourselves an independent country when in fact our own people are being manipulated at the whim of the American State Department.

When we are talking about the possibility of Scottish independence, that in other words means not Scottish independence but the end of the United Kingdom as we know it, I wonder if Scotland would like its own citizens to be treated like pawns of the American government. I wonder if the agreements signed by Tony Blair would still be valid if the United Kingdom ceases to exist.

Devolution meant fragmentation of the United Kingdom and agreements signed both with the United States of America and with the European Union have meant an actual loss of sovereignty. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that the so called mainstream political parties have the will or the balls to stand up for Britain.

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