Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Alice Thompson of The Times creates new races

Under the headline "Osborne v Salmond: poker game of the year" Alice Thompson of The Times writes 'coming from a mixed-race family, half-English, half-Scottish'". No wonder Britain is falling apart when members of the so-called mass media show stupidity or ignorance or both.

The way things are going, we might find out that there is something called the Hyde Park race, the Portsmouth race, the Brixton race, when such illustrated journalists will say that they are mixed-race because their mothers were born in Tottenham and their fathers came from Oxford.

Is this woman employed by The Times? Is she getting paid for writing such rubbish? With the hundreds of thousands of people out of work, I am sure The Times could find quite a few people able to write that would know that white Scotts and white English are members of the same race: the white race.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an example of the mass media at their best. But, how can we criticize the stupidity of the mass media if even the legal system operates in an environment of absolute ignorance? Not long ago a black man was accused of being racist against a black man.

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