Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Croydon Legal Circus Continues

The Croydon Circus continues. Emma West was given bail today at the Croydon Crown Court and is due to appear again before the Court on February 17th 2012. This is yet another example of how Lib Lab Con spends your monies.
Lets remember that this is happening when those involved in robberies, muggings, assault, vandalism and arson during the ethnic riots that took place across the United Kingdom in August 2011 were set free by the same legal system that is now implementing ethnic violence against white Britons.

This is Britain today and it is going to get worse this year if threats made by ethnic community leaders become a reality. This year there will be more than 45,000 Police officers and 13,500 troops in London alone with orders to shoot on the spot. I am sure tourists coming to London will have plenty to see. Just a few days ago we had a sample of Multicultural Britain when gangs went on the rampage in Central London with two stabbings and a dead man lying on streets for all tourists to see what Britain has become.

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