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Tommy Robinson: Fifth Columnist?

Tommy Robinson: Fifth Columnist?
Whenever there has been an interest to defuse what the ruling classes call 'a political time bomb', new organizations and 'leaders' have appeared out of nowhere when infiltration of political organizations was not giving the expected results.

When the British National Party was becoming 'too successful', the mass media decided to 'fuel up alternative operators' as a way to divert attention and cook reports about 'Divided Nationalists'.

Since 2001, the British National Party had been denouncing the actions of Asian gangs (most Muslims of Pakistani ancestry) and being attacked by the BBC that accused the leader of the British National Party of racism because he was trying to raise the alarm against pedophiles and murderers.

So the mass media raised the profile of the so-called English Democrats many of whom had left the British National Party and had a past in the National Front. This was short-lived and proved extremely unsuccessful.

Later on, the mass media suggested that the English Defense League was going to become the alternative to the British National Party, even though it was merely a campaign organization with no political ambitions and no political infra-structure. I spoke laterally about the subject in several articles (Die Frage ist: Wollen sie eine Politische Partei, eine Politische Bewegung oder eine Soziale Bewegung?) and indicated that the statements made by the mass media were absolutely nonsensical.

Tommy Robinson's defection proved that EDL had been simply another effort to divide Nationalists that had gone terribly wrong when the elites realized that they could not control it and Tommy Robinson said it himself in front of television cameras calling his former supporters 'dangerous extremists'.

Combat 18 (or C-18), infiltration by both the Police and parapolitical operators, the creation of ghost political parties and phantom political organizations, the use of so called moles like the wife of a celebrated anti-Fascist campaigner and member of the Communist Party that went to bed with practically every member of the National Front in a effort to destroy the National Front have been tools to fight against the genuine defenders of British National Interests.

We have accumulated evidence of people that pretended to be genuine Nationalists and were actually informers passing distorted information to organizations like Hope Not Hate, Searchlight, Stop the Nazi BNP and others including the BBC. The said informs strived to be sensationalist and when there was no genuine information to be provided they fabricated information to please their paymasters.

As a test and in order to prove wrongdoing, we gave them hooks and they swallowed them without even noticing that we were giving them something that would definitely prove that they were not genuine Nationalists.

Tommy Robinson has been the Establishment best creation. They created the perfect image (non-Anti-Semite, Non-Racist and genuinely concerned about the British people or so they said). But somewhere along the way, things went wrong. Emboldened by what was then a seal of approval, more and more people started to operate under the umbrella of EDL and this included gangs, former National Front members, and all kinds of individuals that flocked into the EDL and people that Tommy Robinson could not possibly control.

The mood about the EDL changed and suddenly the mass media portrayed EDL as a bunch of violent thugs with Extreme Right credentials that needed to be stopped and Tommy Robinson ended up in jail. Jail was a bit what a cocoon is for the caterpillar before it turns into a butterfly.

Like in a real life version of Clockwork Orange, Tommy Robinson comes out of prison as the reformed guy, the prodigal son that saw the errors of his ways. Suddenly, he becomes the darling of the BBC and Jeremy Paxman conducts a Newsnight programme with Tommy Robinson talking as a reformed man that has seen the light and documentaries are made showing Tommy Robinson standing together with pseudo representatives of Muslim Communities.

The King left the battlefield leaving behind the corpses of those who believed in him and a bunch of disoriented survivors desperately trying to pick up the pieces and running for their lives. Soonafter, the jokers of the mass media wrote articles stating 'The Leader of EDL left EDL. Is this the end of Nationalism in Britain?'

Unfortunately, for the corrupt and unprincipled mass media, the EDL was nothing more than yet another trick to divide Nationalism that is very much very alive and kicking. The Leader of the British National Party launched an appeal inviting all genuine EDL members that were stabbed in the back by Tommy Robinson to join the British National Party because the British National Party is very much the true force in British Nationalism.

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