Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Islam: If you know that they are dangerous, kick them out

Sir Andrew Parker, Head of MI5, said that  'several thousand Islamist extremists live in the United Kingdom, want to attack the country and see British people as a legitimate target.

During a speech at the Royal United Services Institute in London, the Head of MI5 said that 'our task is getting harder. The threats are more diverse and diffuse and that the threats are directly linked to Muslims living in the United Kingdom. 

In the speech to the Royal United Services Institute in London, Mr Parker said: “Our task is getting harder. The threats are more diverse and diffuse and Among those are Britons, numbering in the low hundreds sources say, who have travelled to Syria, which is now a hotbed of extremism and terror groups, and since returned home.

Since 2011, a total of 330 people have been convicted of terrorism-related offences in Britain. Mr Parker justified the failings of MI5 by saying that there was a difference between knowing of someone and knowing everything about them.
We know that when somebody is a terrorist, his or her entire family is a potential danger. The so-called White Widow suspected of being involved in a recent murderous attack in Kenya got her nickname because she was the wife of one of the plotters of the bombings carried out in July 2005 in London.

Therefore, if you one of them is a terrorist we have very good reasons to believe that their families are involved in terrorism and should be treated as a terrorist threat.

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