Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Robinson leaves English Defense League. What next for EDL?

Robinson has left the English Defense League. The departure of the leadership of EDL leads to the question: What next for EDL?

The English Defense League grew up around the personality cult of Tommy Robinson and the mass media tried to make the best of it by creating a bundle of myths that did not last too long.

Firstly, the mass media said that the English Democrats were going to replace the British National Party. Then, when that did not work, they chose Tommy Robinson and the EDL as the avant-garde and the forerunners in the eclipse of the British National Party.

When that didn't work, they chose to talk about the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage saying that UKIP was going to replace other so called minority parties and even challenge the Conservatives for first place in the political game within Conservatism.

Suddenly, all those above mentioned (British National Party, English Democrats, EDL and UKIP) were categorized as Far Right and accused of crimes none of them had committed. Although I suspect, that for the British mass media anybody who challenges the Establishment is forcefully categorized as Far Right or Extremist.

Having said that, the statement made by Tony Robinson to justify his resignation as Leader of the English Defense League mentions that Tony Robinson leaves EDL because EDL has become 'too extreme.' Something does not fit it. The EDL was led by Tommy Robinson. In fact, everything revolved around the personality of Tommy Robinson. Now the leader himself says that his followers are 'too extreme' and look for cooperation with so called 'Moderate Muslims who are trying to counter Extremism within Muslim Communities'.

I met Tommy Robinson during a debate about Islam organized by Vox Africa and either Tommy Robinson has had a change of heart regarding Islam or there is something else going on in the background that we are not aware of.

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