Friday, 25 October 2013

Karl Marx: Proletariat Dictatorship

When Karl Marx used the words Proletariat Dictatorship, he certainly knew what he was talking about. Unfortunately, the world has been witnessing for more that a century what Karl Marx meant: decades of oppression, abuses of human rights and murder on an industrial scale  across several continents.

When we face on the streets members of Stop the Nazi BNP, Hope Not Hate, UAF, UNITE and others waving red flags with Hammer and Sickle, we should be very much aware of what they mean: a call to oppression and repression that has nothing to do with freedom and social justice.

Pogroms and Archipelago Gulags, extrajudicial executions, abolition of private property and political and religious persecution implemented in the name of Socialism, one of the most corrupting and murderous set of doctrines the world has even seen.

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