Thursday, 17 October 2013

NHS: Despite its failures it is by far the best option we have got

We have all been bombarded with horror stories about failures of the National Health Service, but we also know that we are dealing with exceptions. The National Health Service is by far the best option we have got. Despite your personal and financial circumstances, you can be assured that at least we have a safety net made up by people who will do their utmost to keep you and your family alive.

The issue regarding the American budget was centered on the implementation of healthcare initiatives in the USA. I criticize President Obama for having been the continuation of George Bush in terms of Foreign Affairs but I do support the principle that every British citizen - and likewise every American citizen - is entitled to affordable healthcare.

I strongly believe that healthcare is an issue of National Security. Health and Prosperity go hand in hand. When monies are scarce, we must make the best use of every resource that we have got. If we want a healthy and prosperous Nation, healthcare is not something we can possible do without.

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