Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Taxes are taxes even when they might be called something else

You might call them tax, Income Tax, VAT, NI, TV License, Stamp Duty, Green Taxes, Airport Duties, Inheritance Tax (that I called Corpse Tax) or whatever else that you want to call them. In essence, it is about money taken away from your pockets for whatever reason. In some cases, paying the said taxes is justified and in some other cases you know that you are dealing with an ideological tax to fill up the pockets of elites that serve no public purpose.

Corpse Tax is one of the most unfair, if not the most unfair tax ever. You work and you pay every conceivable tax after taxes have already been deducted from your salary. You buy yourself a home or a car with monies that have already been taxes and you are taxed even more. At the end of the road, whatever is left as inheritance is taxed all over, once again, with a 40% tax.

You work, you pay your taxes, and one day you decide to fly and.... you are taxed again and the excuse is that government needs to tax you to save the Planet. Such rubbish explanation is given as an excuse to take more and more money to maintain a bureaucratic system that is destroying the Planet and ruining the economy in the process by making people feel a lot more miserable that they would otherwise feel. Green Taxes are the greatest lie ever told.

An ideological tax called TV License is the number one reason to end up in Court and thousands of cases are being dragged through the Legal System for weeks or even months on end. The TV License costs about £150 which is the equivalent to a one-hour fee charged by a barrister. So, you can imagine the amount of money and time been wasted prosecuting people who don't pay or cannot pay the TV License. If you still wanted to finance a bias and corrupt organization with public monies, you could do with an item on the National Budget taken directly from the National Purse.

If we abolish TV License, the costs of running such services would be shared by the Nation as a whole instead of having a system that penalizes individuals who end up paying for themselves and for everybody else.

When you build a house, the mortar, the bricks, the steel bars, et cetera, et cetera, have already been taxed. So why should you pay an additional tax called Stamp Duty? Yeap.... you guess right.... Stamp Duty is yet another invention to make homes more expensive. Tax, tax and more taxes depress the economy and create unemployment. So we should keep taxes for things that are absolutely essential and reduce or eliminate all together bureaucratic and ideological taxes.


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