Wednesday, 23 October 2013

David Cameron pledges to cut green taxes next year despite Lib Dem objections

We have countries like China consuming vast amounts of fossil fuels and we are subjected to politically correct taxes that make the British economy uncompetitive and force people who can hardly afford to pay for electricity and gas suffer to the point of having to choose between heating and eating.

We cannot go on like this and David Cameron knows it. International oil and gas prices cannot be controlled by Socialism. They go up and down depending on market conditions and we need to have an economy that is as flexible as possible to be able not just to survive but thrive.

Who benefits from the said taxes? Not Britain, for certain. People in Britain have had to cope with higher gas prices, higher electricity prices, higher transport fares because - and make no mistake - the cost of travelling is ridiculously high because of the bloody Green Taxes. Green Taxes make the food we eat more expensive and millions of families across the country know about it when we need the Red Cross to start collecting money to help those who cannot even afford to eat because of Green Taxes that are just an idiotic gimmick.

Only by investing in research and development will we be able to find alternative sources of energy. The Socialist idiots always want to cut corners and pretend that by forcing taxation upon people who can ill afford to have a decent living standard they will solve the planet's problems.

Who are the most affected by Green Taxes? The so called Working Class. The Working Class has to suffer because the so called Green Taxes come straight from their food budget.

Get rid of Green Taxes and allow the economy to recover so that we can have more jobs and less people living on the edge.

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