Saturday, 26 October 2013

BBC could lose the Licence Fee. Mmmm.... yes. Maybe...

In 2016, the BBC's Royal Charter will be up for renewal and a senior Conservative MP has indicated that 'unless the corporation undertake dramatic changes after a series of scandals and accusations of bias' the BBC could be stripped of its exclusive right to £3.6 billion.

Grant Shapps, Conservative Party Chairman, made a statement as concerns grow about BBC bias and mismanagement, while criticizing what is very much at the core of BBC's problems directly linked to its culture of secrecy and cover-ups.

To pretend that the BBC is going to stop being biased when it is actually ruled by left-wing biased operators linked to the Labour Party and its associated media including The Guardian is frankly na├»ve.

It has been reported that a BBC spokesman said that 'Mr Shapps is right that transparency is key to the future of the BBC. So is its freedom from political pressure'. What the BBC spokesman did not mention is that the BBC is no longer, and has not been for a very long time, an impartial public broadcasting organization.

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