Saturday, 25 October 2014

EU and Budget Cuts: Any rationality?

The news that more than billion Pound have been requested by EU as additional funding by the United Kingdom is not unexpected but it fall well within the range of irrational measures taken in recent times.

In a country in University students fall into high levels of debt, people are forced to leave their homes because of bedroom tax and reduction of housing benefits, the idea of giving even more money to the EU is absolutely nonsensical and to make matters worse Germany and France are supposed to get 'devolved funds'. The whole scheme is nonsense as it is nonsense to provide high levels of welfare benefits to other Europeans when British citizens living abroad would get inferior levels of welfare coverage or even none from other EU countries.

Of course, it doesn't occur to so call EU champions that the whole situation is completely unbalanced against the United Kingdom that is now supposedly being penalized for being more financially successful. But how successful the United Kingdom actually is? GDP numbers can hardly give a real picture of the British economy since population increases are proportionally higher than GDP increases and indicate, therefore, that productivity and income per capita are falling.

Zero Hour Contracts and Low-Pay hide dangerous levels of under-employment with people earning less and being less able to contribute to their own pensions funds if they have any. On top of that a so-called Think Tank even proposed to cut in half state pensions and lower taxes in a country in which public deficit is growing increasing public debt while at the same time private debt is growing because people who don't earn enough are supplementing their income with growing credit card debts and personal loans debt.

Yes, immigration is an issue and not just from countries outside the European Union. If average income is falling, this is a recipe for disaster. We are walking on melting thin ice.

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