Friday, 17 October 2014

Think Tank (or Sink Tank) proposes to cut state pensions

A true recipe for disaster. A Think Tank (or shall we should say a 'Sink Tank', has proposed to cut down state pension and lower taxes. So let's see, already deprived pensioners will get even less money as pensions (pensions are already taxed) and on top of that in an economy that is collecting less tax with tax revenues falling the "SINK TANK" proposes to collect even less tax at a time when the deficit is growing and the balance of trade is negative. Brilliant!

From the News:

Cut state pension in half and lower taxes, says think tank

Institute of Economic Affairs proposes a radical solution to solve the ballooning cost of paying Britain's pensioners

Maybe somebody will propose hanging those who reach pensionable age because it costs too much to pay pensioners. What about gas chambers to save cost? We are reaching the highest levels of irrationality and the number of idiots seems to be rising.

Pensioners work and because they work they get their pensions. Pensions are not a charitable payment. People have paid for their pensions and they are entitled to receive their pensions.

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