Wednesday, 22 October 2014

BNP: From mythical rags to mythical riches

From time to time, depending on the political agenda, the British National Party is said to be either bankrupt or swimming in a sea of money. I call it 'Political Mythology'.

I see comments published across the Internet saying either 'the BNP is finished' or 'the BNP is getting tens of millions of Pound.

The fact is that those who say that the BNP is bankrupt are the same that few days days say that the BNP is getting millions of Pound in donations, and viceversa.

Depending on the point that they are trying to make, they say one thing or the other constantly, contradicting themselves and losing all credibility in the process.

The truth is that the BNP is neither bankrupt nor swimming in a sea of money. For those of us who have been around quite a while, the organization is basically funded by its members most of whom are not well-off individuals.

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