Thursday, 2 October 2014

Jeremy Clarkson: Stirring up the waters

Jeremy Clarkson 1982 Falklands
In typical Jeremy Clarkson's style, the BBC presenter has to be controversial because in fact being controversial is what makes Top Gear ratings what they are.

If you go to Argentina, travelling around in a car with number plates that remind the Argentinians of the Falkland Islands War seem to be most appropriate.

BBC's political correct mandarins have once again been taken by surprise and Jeremy Clarkson - once again - has taken them for a ride - not in a car but in the real meaning of the expression 'taking them for a ride'.

The news is all over the pages of the printing media and is of course being mentioned by television channels. Therefore, the advertising effect has been achieved and ratings are kept at healthy levels.

Another day, another controversy to maintain television ratings. What is obvious is that Jeremy Clarkson has more business acumen than all the BBC managers put together. You want notoriety. Go for it.

Political Correctness is not good for business and this is precisely the reason why the BBC and other mass media should open their door to the so called Far Right. Why are The Guardian, The Independent and other mass media losing money? Because everybody knows what they are about. The politics behind their articles is fully predictable. Get the so called Far Right involved and newspapers would become popular again. If television channels open up to the so called Far Right, programmes would be more interesting.

Do they want higher ratings and newspaper copies sold? Controversy is the name of the game.

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