Friday, 10 October 2014

Message for Nationalists: Get together or Die.

Douglas Carswell, first UKIP MP in Clacton. The message for Nationalists in the United Kingdom is: find the way to get together and fight for a common cause or condemn yourselves to oblivion.

Marches and demonstrations are alright provided you get together, get organized, fight elections and win elections.

The tit for tat actions, spreading hatred against each other in Facebook and in other fora is fine if you want to be losers forever. People see you as losers and stop paying attention to you or listening to what you have to say. Rumours, accusations and innuendo make you a laughing stock, something to be derided. Some people stop hating Nationalists. They laugh at Nationalists and some even start feeling pity for anybody who describe himself or herself as a Nationalist because they see him or her as a mental case.

The infighting has been going on for ages and it has to stop. So called leaders must understand that they are leaders of nothing if they do not have a credible political presence.

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