Wednesday, 8 October 2014

British Nationalism R.I.P.

I don't think that many rational individuals would disagree if I say that British Nationalism is making itself redundant.

Infighting, personal and ideological grievances, lack of understanding and lack of awareness of what is there to be achieved and how have turned what used to be a golden promise into an ongoing nightmare.

Firstly, it was fragmented. Now, the fragments themselves have become fragmented.

Looking as an external observer would do, I would say that there is not a single name, a single personality, that can unite British Nationalism to make it, once again, a valid electoral option. In order to change anything, you have to get people elected with enough support to provide real options.

The battle is raging and the British Nationalism is caught totally unprepared, totally divided and unable to stand on its own two feet to do anything about anything.

The issue of being a Civic Nationalist or a Racial Nationalist is now totally irrelevant because whatever strand of British Nationalism you look at they are all irrelevant by simple mathematics.

There are tens of thousands of Councillors across the land. How many of them are Nationalists? How many seats in Regional and Local Authorities? How many seats in the Houses of Parliament? And now, how many seats in the European Parliament or at the London Assembly?

I could be an idealist till the end of times but I am also a pragmatist and know that the present state of affairs is not conducive to political success.

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