Friday, 20 July 2018

USA/Russia: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are gleamour of hope

USA/Russia: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are gleamour of hope

For those of us that remember the old days - 1962 included - despite all comments about how bad things are at the moment, things could not be any worse in 1962 when Kennedy and Khrushev almost went to blows over the issue of missiles in Cuba. The fact that a President is ready to walk his half of the way to do what needs to be done is refreshing and the words of Winston Churchill about 'jaw jaw better than war war' come loud and clear.

A few weeks ago, North Korea was launching missiles and violating the air space of Japan. Today, North Korea is no longer launching missiles across neighbouring countries nor threatening to attack the USA. Who managed to put an end to the military fever that could have started a major conflict? President Donald Trump. He confounded both friends and foes and talked directly to the North Korean President.

Now, President Donald Trump is talking with Vladimir Putin because once again 'jaw jaw is better than war war' and being criticised for wanting to deal with all issues in a business-like manner. Who is attacking President Trump? The criminals that prefer war and conflict are attacking President Trump, the prostitutes of the mass media and of the establishment that sold their souls to Satan in the pursuit of money by whatever means.

President Donald Trump talks about a strong USA but also talks about dialogue as the main tools to resolve any disputes. By the way, isn't dialogue the way proposed by the Organisation of the United Nations created in 1945 as the main way to resolve disputes? By talking to friends and foes directly, President Trump is applying a fundamental principle of the Organisation of the United Nations.

I would suggest that all those pseudo journalists and politicians that want wars and conflicts should be forcefully enlisted and sent to the battlefield. That will cure them. Put the said journalists and politicians on the firing line to change their ways.

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