Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Germany's energy is Germany's survival

Germany's energy is Germany's survival

The request for Germany to get rid of 70% of its energy supply is a lot more that mere talk and comes at a crucial time when Germany - the most important economy in Western Europe - is going through a period of political instability with Chancellor Angela Merkel barely managing to remain in power.

Despite Energiewende (the policie of energie transformation towards increase use of renewable energy), Germany very much depends on energy imports include gas and oil and is one the biggest energy consumers. The main source of electricity in Germany is coal. Russia, Norway and United Kingdom provide most of the oil used in Germany. Natural Gas comes from Netherlands, Norway and Russia

The United States of America promoted the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. Because of the mess the USA got into in Wall Street, American banks deprived Germany of the money it needed to recover its economy and this led to mass unemployment in Germany than in turn led to the rise of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP).

The present chaos involving CDU/CSU could look and sound like child play if the German economy starts to deteriorate and there are dramatic changes of the political environment. Once again, Germany would have to make transcendental choices: An impoverished and politically unstable Germany inside NATO or an Independent and Rich Germany outside NATO.

As always "Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber Alles".

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