Saturday, 7 July 2018

Porton Down is Britain's Chernobyl

Porton Down is Britain's Chernobyl

Britain must stop producing chemical weapons in Porton Down. There is one cover up after another to make people forget that Britain is producing dangerous substances near inhabited areas and putting millions of British lives in danger.

The facilities in Porton Down must be closed down and the installations must be made safe before there is a catastrophe. Blaming a foreign country is a childish way of trying to hide the fact that Britain, despite signing treaties against chemical weapons, is producing chemical weapons.

About four months ago, the British authorities said that there was no longer any danger. They knew that there is danger because British authorities have created the danger and taken unacceptable levels of risk and endangering human life in the United Kingdom.

Theresa May knows and others involved know full well that Britain is in violation of conventions regarding chemical weapons and this is why they keep lying and lying and lying even more. Porton Down is Britain's chernobyl and things could get a lot worse.

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