Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Jailing people for Reckless Statements could be violation of Human Rights

Jailing People for Reckless Statements could be violation of Human Rights

In Totalitarian Britain, Police Forces are being used for Political Persecution and I must emphasise the word 'used' because at the end of the day if they are used to terrorise and persecute for political purposes they are just following orders given by their masters.

People get angry. People get frustrated. People express their anger openly and this is only human. People say things that in normal conditions they wouldn't say and we need to have a degree of understanding of why sometimes human beings react, explode with anger.

In Politically Correct Britain, the expression 'causing offence' is being used to terrorise individuals to deter them from using their Freedom of Speech to the point when Freedom of Speech is no more. The truth can be offensive to those who don't want the truth to be told.

Hating other people is normal. It is absolutely human. Expressing harsh criticism against other people is absolutely normal. If you hate somebody, it is your human right to say 'I hate so and so'. If you hate a Jew or a Muslim, if you hate a Conservative MP, a Labour MP or an MP of whatever political party, it should be totally normal and acceptable to say it as loud as you can and as publicly as you can. But we live in a Totalitarian State in which only those who are more equal than others are free to express their hatred.

If want to say that you hate an individual classed as Far Right, you can say it without fear of 'causing offence' and without fear of being accused of 'hate speech'. Jews and Muslims are free to insult and threaten anybody else. But beware if you are the one saying that you hate Jews or Muslims. You will be arrested and most probably jailed accused of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and of indulging in hate speech.

The direct consequence of double standards is that, at the end of the day, double standards will fuel anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and Jews and Muslims will be targeted and in some cases killed because repression and double standards make people feel that they are discriminated against and persecuted for expressing their anger while Jews and Muslims are allowed to get away with murder.

Lets look at the conduct of mass media and politicians when it comes to those they hate. They are free to attack, to libel and defame and even threaten those they hate but the same freedom is not accorded to ordinary people or to those they hate.

If an ordinary individual and those classed as Far Right were to say what some politicians and mass media or those classed as 'antifa' say, they would be arrested and jailed.

We are all human beings. We love and we hate and rightly so. No one should be persecuted or harassed for expressing their love or their hatred towards others. We must get rid of Political Correctness and legislation that prevent us from being human and in the process we will free the courts for courts to be used to deal with real crimes.

You hate Jews? So what? You hate Muslims? So what? As long as you don't go out armed and with intent to attack somebody, you should be free to express your hatred. Unfortunately, with every passing day, we go deeper and deeper into the realm of sheer stupidity in which legislation is being used to destroy human beings and to create robots. Are you offended? Be offended if you wish. I am offended by high levels of mental retardation that I have witnessed in British courts.


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