Saturday, 19 August 2017

UKIP rejects BNP but stands for BNP policies or BNP former policies?

UKIP rejects BNP but stands for BNP policies?

When there was a barrage of criticism against UKIP saying that it had members that belonged to National Front, British National Party and other Nationalist groups, UKIP very quickly implemented membership policies that banned anybody who had belonged to the said groups from every joining UKIP as members.

Having said, former members of the said parties including the BNP were banned but BNP policies were quickly added to UKIP's political platform to the point that UKIP became a copy of the British National Party.

Now, wants again, the issue of policies taken from British National Party when leadership hopefuls publicly support British National Party policies and/or former British National Parties. I say former British National Party policies because since the days of Nigel Farage the British National Party has moved a long way and nowadays the British National Party sounds like a moderate political force when compared to the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Whether a single UKIP leadership candidate actually represents what a sizeable majority within UKIP actually stands for remains to be seen. Most of the time it looks like UKIP is made up of many factions with very different ideas

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