Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Teachers having sex with pupils: rising number of cases

UK: Rising number of teachers banned from teaching because of their sexual involvement with pupils

Hardly a day goes by without yet another case of teachers banned from teaching because they have become sexually involved with their pupils.

Why do they risk their professions and their reputations and also risk being sent to jail? What is actually going on?

Just a few days ago, an impressive research was published in the United Kingdom that indicates that 20 per cent of adults in the United Kingdom never engaged in sexual activities.

But there is yet another problem. Everything seems to end with people banned from teaching. Where is the research to try and determine why they become involved with their pupils? There must be some fundamental reasons why an adult individual in a position of authority decides to throw everything away for the sake of sexual gratification, the kind of sexual gratification that ruins lives - their own lives and the lives of countless others.

The time is long overdue to have a closer look at psycho-sexual health in the United Kingdom. Behind a veneer of respectability and taboos, there is an underworld, a sub-reality, that spreads across all layers and segments of British Society.

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