Thursday, 31 August 2017

Certain charities are less than charitable with those they employ

Certain Charities are less than charitable with those they employ

You cannot walk around any major city, including London, without seeing charity workers asking passers-by for donations. You cannot watch television in the UK without being bombarded with adverts published by charities asking viewers for donations.

On the surface, their activities might seem like something done for the common good but there is another side of the charitable organisations and it is not pretty. They usually employ youngsters on Zero Hour Contracts, paid by the hour, with no working guarantees whatsoever. If those they employ don't manage to convince enough people to part with their monies, they are immediately fired and left to their own devices with none of the rights that usually protect those in employment. The said charitable organisations use monies paid to them to pay the salaries of their bosses and only a minimum amount of the monies donated to them reach those they say that they want to help.

To put it mildly, they are rip-off schemes targeting people who are desperate to get an income and have no other means to survive and fooling passers-by who are made to believe that they are doing a lot of good by giving monies to the said charitable organisations. There are so many of the said charitable organisations that it would be difficult to compile a definitive list.

I reckon that legislation involving charities should be updated and made more stringent to get rid of rip-off schemes, to protect those that they employ in very irregular conditions and to protect members of the public that might be fooled by the said charitable organisations.

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